Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI)

Using Photovoice for Youth Resilience


    The Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI) is a group intervention designed to promote resilience and coping skills among youth following a disaster, community crisis, or other challenges resulting from the usual stresses of daily life.

    PRI blends Photovoice, a community participatory action method with additional skill-building activities in order to enhance problem solving, coping, and self-expression in participating youth. PRI participants are provided with cameras and instruction on basic photography and camera use. PRI encourages participants to “voice” their experiences and perspectives on issues discussed in group sessions through photography and brief written narratives.

    The goals of PRI are to:

    • Promote resilience and empowerment
    • Foster healthy coping skills
    • Encourage peer support
    • Facilitate self-expression
    • Develop photography skills


    Children and Youth (Ages 10-18)

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