This page provides information, resources, and interventions for use by providers, professionals, and organizations that are active in disaster planning and response.

DCC Resources

  • The Resilience and Coping Intervention (RCI)
  • RCI is a group discussion exercise that allows children, families, and adults to share their thoughts and feelings about a disaster as well as create a plan in order to effectively cope with the disaster.

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  • Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI)
  • The Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI) is a group intervention designed to promote resilience and coping skills among youth following a disaster, community crisis, or other challenges resulting from the usual stresses of daily life.

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  • Mental Health Response to Community Disasters
  • This fact sheet and video, developed by Dr. Carol North, provides an overview of community disaster mental health response for disaster mental health planners, responders, and providers.

    Download the fact sheet HERE.

    Watch the video HERE.

  • Domestic Violence and Disasters
  • This factsheet provides an overview of disasters and domestic violence and describes strategies for how disaster responders and providers can assist families that experience disaster and domestic violence.

    Download the fact sheet HERE in English and HERE in Spanish.

  • Disasters and Child Abuse - A Fact Sheet For Disaster Responders and Providers
  • This fact sheet highlights potential connections between disasters and child abuse or neglect, and offers strategies for responders to promote child safety.

    Download the fact sheet HERE.


  • Citizen Disaster Communication Assessment (CDCA)
  • The Citizen Disaster Communication Assessment (CDCA) can be used by responders, organizations, and researchers to understand how people use communication to cope with disasters before, during, and after the event.

    Download the CDCA.

  • Cultural Guidelines for Working With Families Who Have Experienced Sudden and Unexpected Death
  • This tip guide provides practical cultural guidelines for working with families who have experienced sudden and unexpected death.

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  • Project Share
  • The Project Share protocol offers a tool for conducting an assessment of strengths and needs for children and parents in communities that experienced significant life threat and property damage from a disaster. Click HERE for more information.

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  • Domestic Disaster Displacement (3D)
  • 3D is an intervention that is designed to help providers and volunteers assist families cope with disaster evacuation, displacement, and resettlement.

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  • Using Data and Services to Meet the Disaster Mental Health Needs of Youth and Families: A Planning and Resource Guide
  • This guide helps disaster planners (those working or volunteering with the government or any organization active in disaster response) address youth and family disaster mental health issues in disaster planning and response.

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