The Disaster and Community Crisis Center has resources and interventions to help teachers and school staff assist students before, during, and after a disaster.

DCC Resources

  • Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI)
  • The Picturing Resilience Intervention (PRI) is a group intervention designed to promote resilience and coping skills among youth following a disaster, community crisis, or other challenges resulting from the usual stresses of daily life.

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  • Building Resilience with Hunter and Eve
  • Building Resilience with Hunter and Eve is a thoughtful, animated series featuring a young fox (Hunter) and owl (Eve) who together learn how to be resilient and cope with challenges. Each episode of this series focuses on one important skill (for example staying safe, keeping calm, solving problems) and provides clear steps toward achieving the skill.

    Child and youth worksheets are available for each episode in the series. The worksheets include activities that reinforce the steps presented in each video. Discussion starters are also provided, which provide questions for children and youth to think and talk about before and after watching each episode. Discussion starters can be used with individual children or with groups.

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  • The Resilience and Coping Intervention (RCI)
  • RCI is a group discussion exercise that allows children to share their thoughts and feelings about a disaster as well as create a plan in order to effectively cope with the disaster. This group intervention works very well in schools.

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  • The Disaster and Media Intervention (DMI)
  • The Disaster Media Intervention (DMI) is designed to help students cope with disaster media coverage.

    DMI equips teachers, counselors, social workers, administrators, and other school staff to facilitate conversations with students about these media-covered disasters, whether they occur locally or far away.

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  • Helping Youth Cope with Media Coverage of Disaster: A Fact Sheet for Teachers
  • This fact sheet provides an overview of how media coverage of a disaster may affect students and suggests strategies that teachers can use to help students cope with disaster media coverage.

    Download the disaster media fact sheet for teachers HERE in English and HERE in Spanish.

    View the disaster media video for school staff HERE.

  • Disaster and Resilience Resources Sheets for Young Children, Child Care, and Educators
  • These Resource Sheets provides suggests books, games, and other resources that can help young children better understand stand disasters and develop relationships and skills to be more resilient.

    Download the disaster resource sheet HERE and the resilience resource sheet HERE.